Bkash: Mobile banking customers fall into new traps

Bkash: Mobile banking customers fall into new traps
Mobile banking customers fall into new traps

It will desire a drama or a movie story. The hackers are withdrawing money from the customer’s account through call and SMS from Bkash’s 16247 number through special software. All the work goes on from one village of Faridpur. they’re doing this using iPhone.

The first step cheater visited the event store and took pictures of the amount of writing the book. the image was sent on WhatsApp to hackers in Domain village of Madhukhali in Faridpur. Seeing the image number, one among the hackers called the event agent Sage Customer.

Agent Sej called one among the clients to call the customer and said, ‘Hello, I used to be saying, bKash shopkeeper. I paid and got it within the morning? I got a complaint so I called. When he called from the office, he spoke.

The second step cheater does the most work. Through a special app, hackers call the customer by adding plus or zero before the 16247 number of the bKash call center. BKash wants to understand the first password by sending OTP or a one-time password to the customer from the amount. The hackers lost control of the account. personal identification number also obtained by using the technique.

The last step of the fraud is named, ‘The name is claimed to be from the customer’s office. you’ve got to mention that you simply have an OTP number within 30 seconds.

Then the hackers’ collaborators took out all the cash. many of us are falling into this new trap of development fraudsters. they assert there was no room for disbelief as calls and messages came from the precise bKash number.

One said, ‘Phone from precisely the same development number if the message comes within the same funder, how do I do know who is that the real cheater?’

DB ADC Junaid Alam was asked by Time News how the hackers came up with such a flowery strategy.

He said, ‘They are currently using the iPhone. They call and know the OTP number from the customer and basically do the remainder within the apps. ‘

DB DC Mashiur Rahman Police said that the businesses operating mobile banking cannot avoid liability for such frauds. He urged the purchasers to put in fingerprints and CCTV cameras within the shops during the transaction.



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