Citizens of 23 countries including Bangladesh will be able to go to Malaysia

Citizens of 23 countries including Bangladesh

Citizens of 23 countries including Bangladesh!

After the new corona infection was identified in Malaysia, citizens of different countries including Bangladesh were banned from entering the country in two phases.

This time, from Monday (September 21), the country’s government has allowed entry into Malaysia again in 6 categories. However, ordinary immigrants on vacation outside Malaysia will not be able to return to the country until the situation returns to normal, the Immigration Department said.

To reduce the prevalence of coronavirus, the country’s government has relaxed the ban on citizens of 23 countries, including Bangladesh, from entering Malaysia just three days later. The government has allowed Malaysia to re-enter in six categories from September 21.

It said those who are permanent residents, employment pass category, professional visit pass, all categories of the dependent pass, long term social visit pass, and housemaid pass holders can enter the country.

Expatriates and professionals must get approval from the Immigration Department before entering Malaysia. Also, any expatriate who wants to leave Malaysia can leave Malaysia without approval.

Ordinary expatriates stranded in various countries, including Bangladesh, are on the verge of closing down due to the Corona epidemic.

The businessmen believe that the Malaysian government should find an alternative solution instead of banning ordinary migrant workers. They also say the move could harm the Malaysian economy.


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