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Companies recruiting during quarantine

Companies recruiting during quarantine

Covid-19 has brought many changes worldwide, among them, the world of work has been affected. But not for that, we should give up on the job search. Now more than ever, it is time to analyze our objectives to focus on what we want to achieve once this is over.

Maria, our recruiting expert, has created a list of companies who are still looking for people like you. Take heart and keep looking for the ideal job!

1. Unilever

Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, manufacturing and selling nutrition, hygiene and home care products.

They have open positions for assistant general, warehouseman, laboratory analyst and operator.

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2. Coca Cola Femsa

Coca-Cola Femsa is the world’s largest bottler and marketer by volume of the Coca-Cola system.

They have open vacancies of warehouse assistant, delivery assistant, general assistant, occupational doctor, driver and forklift operator.

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3. Model Group

Grupo Modelo is a leader in the production, distribution and sale of beer in Mexico.

They have open vacancies for delivery driver, forklift, cost specialist, warehouse supervisor, salesperson, and chief operating officer.

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4. Fedex

Federal Express is a national and international delivery services company.

They have open job vacancies for Service Agent, General Assistant, Sales Agent, Customs Coordinator, Warehouseman, Delivery Driver, Sales Executive, Operations Agent, and Scheduler.

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5. Alpura

Alpura is a Mexican company dedicated to dairy products.

They have open job openings for business supervisor, production supervisor, sales analyst, general assistant, warehouseman, electrician, forklift operator, and mechanic.

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KPMG is a firm dedicated to auditing, consulting and taxes.

They have open positions for help desk agent, accounting intern, senior external audit manager, external audit supervisor, and database technician.

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7. Banco Azteca

Banco Azteca is a Mexican bank founded in 2002 with 1500 branches in different countries. It is the largest bank in Mexico.

They have open vacancies of credit advisor, bank teller, appraiser, collection manager, cashier and credit promoter

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8. AT&T

AT&T is in the Telecommunications sector in Mexico and offers high-speed mobile network services.

They have open job openings for Sales Executive, Warehouse Assistant, Sales Consultant, Phone Promoter, Service and Repair Technician, Store Manager, and Customer Service Executive.

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9. Truper Services

Truper is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of tools.

They have open positions for machine mechanic, clerk cashier, human resources coordinator, warehouse clerk, delivery driver, salesperson, and quality inspector.

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10. Softtek

Softtek is a global provider of information technology (IT) process-oriented services.

They have open vacancies for Cybersecurity Analyst, Tech Support, Android Developer, .Net Developer, Java Developer, Information Analyst, IOS Developer, and Scrum Master.

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