Do not do a Google search for these items by mistake

Do not do a Google search for these items by mistake

Do not do a Google search for these items by mistake!

In this 21st century era, people can’t go a moment without Google. Whenever we think of something like that, we all do a Google search. But in some cases, netizens often search for strange things on Google. However, there are some things that you should not search on Google at all. There is a risk of huge loss by searching these. Let’s not know what they are …

1. Never go looking for a way to make a bomb on Google by mistake. If you do, you could end up in jail. The company will look at your IP address and send it to the security agencies as soon as they search the bomb-making method. Action will be taken against you immediately. As a result, you may face long-term imprisonment.

2. Also, if your body is bad, never search for medicines on Google. Google search results hope you can get more seriously ill by taking drugs. Seek medical advice without relying on Google.

3. Never search for customer care or helpline numbers on Google. In this case you can often get stuck in big problems. Google cybercrime hackers can put fake helpline numbers of any organization. Calling that number can hack your bank account from various social media IDs.

4. Also, never search your personal email on Google. This could lead to the account being hacked and hackers getting to know your password.


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