Donald Trump voted in advance

Donald Trump voted in advance

Donald Trump voted in advance!

President Donald Trump has voted beforehand of the US election. He voted beforehand at West Palm Beach in Florida on Saturday.

Donald Trump’s house is in Florida. He has two huge golf resorts there. one among them is in Atlantic Beach Town of West Palm Beach.

November 3 is that the day to choose the US presidential election. But this point a record number of USA citizens are voting beforehand. At this point, President Trump joined Qatar.

Many Americans are expected to choose the run-up to the Coronavirus epidemic, largely to avoid crowds on polling day.

More than 50 million people within we cast their ballots beforehand, 10 days before the US presidential election on Saturday. this is often the primary time within the history folks elections within the last century that US voters have cast their ballots beforehand.

As of Friday, quite 5.35 crore voters have already sealed the ballot. Meanwhile, the 2 main candidates, President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden have intensified their election campaigns amid the increase of the coronavirus.

Michael MacDonald, a professor at the University of Florida and responsible for the U.S. election project, said about 21 percent of voters have already cast their ballots. Which is that the highest since 1908. Eighty percent of Texas has already voted. 4 million voted in Florida. Voters lined up for quite 10 hours in Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia. Wisconsin features a record of 1.1 million early voters within the state.

(Donald Trump voted in advance)


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