Drones To Take Care Of Cows!

Drones To Take Care Of Cows!
Drones To Take Care Of Cows!

Earlier, parents used to marry their children to see if there were cows, fish in the pond, and rice in the fields. And in the house where there were cows, there was naturally a shepherd. The reflection of which has come up in the poem of the shepherd son of the rural poet Jasimuddin. Shepherds or employees are still kept in different countries of the world including Bangladesh to take care of cows and goats. But what happens when a shepherd is not needed to look after the cows? A small instrument will work as a shepherd.

Yes, that’s right. The use of drones has recently started on Israeli farms. An organization called Biffry Agro has assigned drones to track and monitor their herds of cattle. Although shepherds and pet dogs have been in charge of herding and caring for cattle for so long.

Noam Azran, chief executive of the manufacturer, and Biffy Agro told Reuters news agency that drones were more effective in large herds of cattle and pastures and that using drones instead of shepherds and dogs created a less stressful environment for animals. This makes the animal more efficient and healthy.

The remote-controlled drone will fly close to the cows and send live video footage to the farm, according to a Reuters report.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has shown interest in Israeli drone technology. In this context, the representatives of Bifri Agro are going to the Gulf region this month. They will observe how successful the Israeli drone system in grazing cattle will be in playing the role of shepherds in camel surveillance in the desert.


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