Every U.S. citizen will get the corona vaccine by April: Trump

Every U.S. citizen will get the corona vaccine
Every U.S. citizen

Every U.S. citizen will get the corona vaccine!

On Sunday (September 20), US President Donald Trump announced that the vaccine would be delivered to every US citizen by April next year. However, health experts say the announcement of vaccine supply to all Americans in such a short period is unrealistic.

Even 9% of Americans believe in Trump’s announcement, according to a poll in the country’s media. Fifty-three percent of Americans believe the Trump administration has no intention of marketing effective vaccines.

And only 17 percent of citizens are optimistic about the effectiveness of the vaccine market that Trump has been talking about. Meanwhile, two pharmaceutical companies in the state of Colorado have announced plans to begin clinical trials of the COVID Ninetine vaccine they make soon.


Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said that the Indian government is providing all possible assistance to researchers in developing corona vaccines. He told a meeting of parliament on Sunday that clinical trials of three vaccines were underway at different stages.


The Singapore government hopes to market a coronavirus vaccine made by Singapore researchers by the end of this year after an all-stage clinical trial. Researchers at the National University of Singapore and Monash University in Australia are working on the vaccine in a joint venture.


Researchers at the University of Karachi say a clinical trial of a Pakistani-made vaccine will begin this week. A few months ago, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRA) approved the vaccine for trial. The researchers said it could take two to three months to complete the trial.


The Australian government is set to invest 60 million in the development of three separate corona vaccines. On Sunday, the country’s health minister, Greg Hunt, said researchers would use the money in a three-step, accurate clinical trial of the vaccine. Researchers at the University of Melbourne will receive 30 million of the 70 million, and researchers at the University of Sydney will receive the remaining 30 million. For the first time, the Australian government is investing in a needle-free vaccine.

(Every U.S. citizen will get the corona vaccine)



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