‘Facebook divorce’ after Shabnam Faria’s divorce

Shabnam Faria has been at the top of the discussion in Showbiz Para for several days after the separation. While many in the showbiz world have accepted his separation, many in the social world have not. For the separation, some netizens are blaming Shabnam Faria.

Many have also attacked the actress with harsh language. He had to listen to harsh words, mainly because of Farrier’s first status of separation. Where Faria wrote- ‘Marriage is divorced, but love is not divorced! There is no separation of friendship! As long as we live, we will have love and friendship! ‘ Netizens could not accept this line. As a result, the actress attacked the virtual. And Faria is annoyed by that.

As a result, he has said goodbye to Facebook for now. His verified Facebook ID could not be found. It is learned that the actress has said goodbye to Facebook to avoid the attack of netizens. If the situation is cool, you can come back through communication.

This is not the first time Facebook has been deactivated. Earlier, he also deactivated his Facebook ID. The actress was also attacked in the social world of Seba for misbehaving with the contestants in the audition round of ‘Ke Beh Masood Rana’. Faria was still separated from Facebook for some time.

Meanwhile, Shabnam Faria and her husband Harun Aur Rashid Apu signed a divorce on November 26 after living together for one year and nine months. The actress shared her status on Facebook on Saturday (November 26). Faria-Apu changed the ring in February 2016. They formally arranged the wedding in January 2019.


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