Girlfriend present with 23 relatives Blind Date!

Girlfriend present with 23 relatives Blind Date

Girlfriend present with 23 relatives Blind Date!

A Chinese man involved a blind date after the lecture a lady. When he went on a date, he saw that the lady had brought her 23 relatives. Romance is way away, that person has spent quite 2 lakh rupees to feed all of them. consistent with local media reports, the lady did this to urge her to understand her boyfriend’s ‘generosity’. Khabar- Anandabazar Patrika.

The 29-year-old man’s name is Liu. he’s a resident of Zhejiang Province, China. After lecturing the lady, he decided to spend a while together with her. That’s why he invited me to a candle-light dinner. While waiting at the restaurant, the lady appeared with relatives when she was thinking of an excellent date.

Liu was very uncomfortable but couldn’t say anything. When the waiter brings the bill, he puts his hand on his head. there have been 25 people billed 19,600 yuan. In Bangladeshi rupees which is about two and a half lakh rupees.

As word of the incident spread on Chinese social media, various comments surfaced. The netizens have expressed their views on the incident.


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