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Jobs most in demand due to the pandemic

Jobs most in demand due to the pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the employment situation has changed. Some industries have been more affected than others, however, others are on the rise due to the needs demanded by the pandemic. In this article, CompuTrabajo brings you the list of the most requested jobs during quarantine with their duties.

1. Warehouse clerk

Warehouse work consists of:

  • Sort the materials and organize the products within the warehouse.
  • Manage returns of materials.
  • Take inventory in the warehouse.
  • Update registration systems.
  • Register and report the merchandise that enters and leaves the warehouse.
  • Review expiration dates and prepare orders.

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2. Cleaning work

The functions of a cleaning staff are as follows:

  • Clean floors, walls and furniture.
  • Empty the bins.
  • Verify the proper functioning of the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Order items and restock materials.

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3. Cashier job

The tasks of a cashier are:

  • Assist clients with doubts or questions.
  • Square up the cash register.
  • Inform the customer of the total of his purchase and charge him.
  • Provide good customer service.
  • Process money returns or merchandise exchanges.
  • Advise clients on promotions or loyalty cards.

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4. Delivery man

The responsibilities of a delivery person are as follows:

  • Check the list of packages to be delivered with their addresses to establish the best route.
  • Inspect the vehicle and packages before leaving.
  • Drive the vehicle following traffic regulations.
  • Deliver packages and collect signature acknowledgment.
  • Return packages that could not be delivered and record deliveries and returns.

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5. Customer service

The customer service staff may vary according to the industry they are in, be it a bank, restaurant, pharmacy, call center, etc. Typically, these are the roles of agents offering customer service:

  • Explain the services and products offered.
  • Process customer exchanges and returns
  • Answer customer calls
  • Coordinate and schedule appointments
  • Change or cancel customer orders
  • Help clients find something they can’t find
  • Answer customer doubts and questions through chats, emails, calls and in person

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6. Packer

The packer job consists of the following tasks:

  • Pack and seal the products and materials.
  • Clean machinery and order products.
  • Register the packages and verify expiration dates.
  • Take inventories.

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7. Nursing work

The work of a nurse involves:

  • Assist physicians in conducting evaluations and procedures.
  • Examine the patient to identify needs, illnesses, and general condition.
  • Give medicines, put bandages, take samples.
  • Ensure that all equipment is working properly.
  • Comply with security measures.

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8. Developer

  • Design and test new functions.
  • Design the architecture of the websites.
  • Design applications and internet sites.
  • Write the code in different programming languages.
  • Carry out tests to measure the quality of the site and detect any errors present in the performance of the website or application.
  • Deploy updates to existing web pages or apps.

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9. General assistant job

The main tasks of a general helper are:

  • Receive visitors and manage calls.
  • Coordinate meetings and appointments.
  • Receive and deliver correspondence.
  • Archive, organize and scan documents.
  • Keep the database updated.
  • Take inventory and order supplies.
  • Make reports.

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10. Forklift work

The forklift operator has the following responsibilities:

  • Check that the forklift has an optimal operation.
  • Operate and clean the forklift.
  • Stock and rotate supplies.
  • Register merchandise information.

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