Kangana can be arrested at any time

Kangana can be arrested at any time
Kangana can be arrested at any time

Kangana can be arrested at any time!

Controversial Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut might be arrested at any moment. Karnataka has been accused of abusing Indian farmers on Twitter over the ‘farm bill’.

Kangana’s tweet last September has angered many. Many have also demanded Kangana’s punishment through social media.

According to the Indian press agency ANI, an individual has also filed a case against him for creating fun of the farmers. A Karnataka court has ordered the arrest of Kangana in reference to the case against the actress supported her tweet.

In the tweet, Kangana called the farmers protesting against the recently passed ‘Farm Bill’ in India ‘terrorists’.

Reacting to a tweet from Prime Minister Modi on the bill, Kangana wrote during a tweet on September 21, ‘Prime Minister, if someone is asleep, he is often woken up. If one doesn’t understand, he is often explained by interpretation. But if someone pretends to be asleep or pretends to not understand, how does one explain it to him? actually, they’re all like militant terrorists. None of them lost their citizenship due to the CAA. But they need to come here to bleed. ‘

After his tweet, everyone related to the peasant movement became quite angry. However, Kangana claimed that the tweet wasn’t her own. “I haven’t called the farmer’s militants,” he said. If anyone can prove that I called the farmer’s militants, I will be able to apologize and leave Twitter forever. ‘

Incidentally, there was a storm of criticism on social media on why no case has been filed against Kangana in numerous days. But not just farmers. Earlier, the Bollywood actress was seen making irrelevant explosive remarks on various issues including the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.


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