Lifetime respect for Cristiano Ronaldo

Lifetime respect for Cristiano Ronaldo

Lifetime respect for Cristiano Ronaldo!

One of the best footballers of the time. Some say he is one of the best footballers of all time. His power is also evident on the record page. The store of achievement is quite rich. They have to respect the footballer from whom he came. Or a matter of pride for them.

Speaking of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar was given a unique honor this time by his childhood and adolescence club Sporting CP. They have renamed their football academy after Ronaldo. From now on it will be known as ‘Academia Cristiano Ronaldo’.

Ronaldo’s friendship with football for the ‘B’ team of Portuguese club Sporting CP in 2002. After playing just two matches that year, Ron got a chance to play for the club’s main team. Until 2003, he played 25 matches for the club. That is why he made himself known in Europe.

He was bought by English giants Manchester United in 2003. From then on, it became a difficult path, becoming CR7. Taking control of world football through Europe. This footballer who has become a part of history has come from where they can dedicate an academy to him!

(Lifetime respect for Cristiano Ronaldo)


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