Luis Suarez leaving Barcelona to join Atletico Madrid!!

Luis Suarez leaving Barcelona to join Atletico Madrid!!

Luis Suarez leaving Barcelona to join Atletico Madrid!!

He will have to leave Barcelona this season, so far the matter has become as clear as daylight. But where his place was, that was unresolved. According to the Spanish media, he is still in the country. However, leaving Barcelona to join Atletico Madrid!

Soon after new coach Ronald Koeman took over, Suarez was told in a phone call that the Uruguayan forward would not be in his plans. Koeman also suggested that Bara’s third-highest scorer of all time find an alternative address this season. After that, the names of various clubs came up as his possible destination. The strongest buzz was Juventus. Suarez is set to leave Lionel Messi and play alongside his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo, a rumor that has been widely circulated in the European media.

Suarez also recently applied for an Italian passport. However, it is known that the Uruguayan forward did not get an Italian passport due to language problems. So Juventus coach Andre Pirlo also said that at least this season, Suarez will not have a place in the club. Juventus want to buy Spanish striker Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid instead.

Atletico Madrid then came to the limelight. They recruited Suarez. According to Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, the Madrid club has also signed a contract with Suarez for the next two years.

Barcelona has another one-year contract with 33-year-old Suarez. However, the forward has already reduced the term of the contract.

Suarez was Lionel Messi’s second-highest goalscorer in Barcelona last season. Since leaving Liverpool for Barcelona in 2014, Suarez has scored 198 goals in 263 appearances. However, the end of his half-century Barcelona career was quite bad.



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