Sculpture and idol are not one: Minister of Religion

The sculptor and the idol are not one, those who are protesting against the sculpture of Bangabandhu are protesting without realizing it, said the Minister of Religion Faridul Haque Khan.

He told reporters at the secretariat on Sunday (November 29) at noon.

The state minister said it happens all over the world. I went to Egypt and saw sculptures there too. I have also seen it in Arab countries. Those who are criticizing in Bangladesh should understand that idols and sculptures are not one thing. All problems can be solved only if it is explained.

In response to a question, State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan said, not only in Bangladesh; In many parts of the world, there are people whose job it is to create problems. There are such people in our country too. When problems arise, they will be resolved through discussion.

Asked about the anti-sculpture movement, he said, “If sculpture is an idol, then there is a picture of Bangabandhu in the money. There were pictures of those who were there before. How did they stay? They all carry around in their pockets. Go all over the world, there are pictures inside the coins. How do they carry these in their pockets?

At the time, the state minister drew an example, saying that there are sculptures in many countries of the world including India and Pakistan. These sculptures and statues are not one thing. It is actually being misunderstood.


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