Shah Rukh’s daughter is viral again on Instagram

Shah Rukh's daughter is viral again on Instagram

Shah Rukh’s daughter is viral again on Instagram!

Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana Khan shared a replacement picture again. Sharing that photo on your Instagram handle immediately went viral. Where Shah Rukh-Kanya is seen wearing sky blue shorts with a blacktop. As soon because the picture of Suhana came out, her fans became overwhelmed.

On Tuesday (October 6), Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana Khan posted the photo on her own Instagram account.

Recently, Suhana Khan commented on her complexion. Where he complained, he was called ‘Kala, Kali’ at a really young age due to his complexion. Suhana said that she got won’t take note of these greetings from a young age.

However, this point the time has come, Suhana demanded to prevent mocking the color of the skin. Model-actress Chitrangada Singh commented on caste hatred after Shah Rukh-daughter. He said that his complexion is dark and he’s proud of it.

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Meanwhile, after the comments about the caste hatred of Shah Rukh Khan and his daughter, he has taunted again. When Shah Rukh Khan advertises for whitening cream, why doesn’t Suhana remember anything! Many also questioned why Shah Rukh has signed a contract with the advertisement of ‘Farsa means beautiful’.

Not only that, if caste hatred has got to be stopped, then many of us are of the opinion that it should start from Suhana’s own house. Although neither Shah Rukh nor Suhana has spoken out on the difficulty.


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