Turkey-Russia conducted a joint exercise to counter terrorist attacks

Turkey-Russia conducted a joint exercise

Turkey-Russia conducted a joint exercise to counter terrorist attacks!

Turkish and Russian troops have taken part in a joint military exercise in northwestern Syria’s Idlib. The exercise demonstrated adequate preparedness for emergencies, including insurgent attacks on the military fleet.

Yevgeny Poliakov, vice president of the Idlib Coordination Center for Civilian Affairs, confirmed the information on Monday (September 21st).

He said coordination between members of the joint forces on patrol and the establishment of communication using special signals has gained importance in the exercise.

Polyakov said the main purpose of the exercise was to improve communication between the two countries’ armies. Special emergency needs so that they can deal with the situation properly.

The exercise shows how to rescue potentially injured soldiers and how to remove damaged vehicles.

Terrorist groups in the region occasionally attack Turkish-Russian joint patrols. How to protect yourself from it is presented in the exercise.

Last month, an Ankara military vehicle exploded during a Turkish-Russian joint patrol in the region. The car was damaged. Ankara says no one was killed. The car was hit by a rocket fired from a rocket fired by terrorists near the town of Ariha in Idlib.

Turkey and Russia support two separate factions in the Syrian civil war. On March 5, they agreed to suspend military operations in northwestern Idlib. Earlier, at least one million people were displaced by clashes between rival factions.

The Erdogan administration signed the agreement with Ankara on the initiative of Ankara to protect the flow of refugees and Turkish troops stationed in the region.

According to the agreement, Ankara-Moscow will create a joint security corridor on Syria’s east and west M-4 highways. The first joint patrol began on 15 March.

Idlib has long been under siege by Bashar al-Assad’s government and its allies. Conflicting parties continued to violate previous ceasefire agreements.

In April 2016, the Assad government stepped up attacks on Idlib, the rebels’ last stronghold, with the help of foreign allies. The Turkish border is flooded with displaced people. Turkey has sheltering 3.6 million Syrian refugees. Under the pressure of the new refugees, a terrible situation was created.

Turkey, NATO’s second-largest military power, later sent troops and equipment to the region to stop the Syrian government’s offensive. Since then, Turkey has deployed troops in Idlib to protect civilians and deter terrorists.

(Turkey-Russia conducted a joint exercise to counter terrorist attacks)


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