UN Reforms Needed to Meet Global Challenges: Merkel

UN Reforms Needed to Meet Global Challenges: Merkel

UN Reforms Needed to Meet Global Challenges!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed support for UN reform. Speaking on the organization’s 65th anniversary, he said that when urgent decisions were needed, the Security Council often blocked them.

He made the remarks in a video message on Monday. Due to the Corona epidemic, world leaders have taken a virtual part in the founding anniversary of the United Nations.

The German Chancellor emphasized that the reform and development of the United Nations were essential to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

He noted that some members of the UN have sometimes sidelined the UN from pursuing its interests. If anyone thinks he can do something well alone; It’s his misconception. Because we have welfare in integrated steps. We live in the same world.

He said Germany would be proud to be a member of the revised Security Council. At the same time, Berlin will always be ready to fulfill its responsibilities.

Germany was elected a temporary member of the Security Council in 2019-2020. Berlin has long been a vocal critic of the Security Council. The country of Europe to be a permanent member of the Council with permanent members China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

(UN Reforms Needed to Meet Global Challenges)



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