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What to know for the interview?

What to know for the interview?

One of the fundamental parts of preparing for when you are called in for an interview is investigate the company. This is essential to know if it is what you really want. You must inquire about their values, culture and environment to confirm that they align with who you are. Also, read Company information It helps you to know their situation and to be able to answer the classic question of why you want to work with them. By knowing information and news from the company, you will stand out and will let the interviewer know how interested you are in the position. Keep reading to find out about the factors that you should know about a company before interviewing you.

1. Company and competition

Study the company’s industry, its history, and its competitors. Enter their website so you can learn as much as you can about it and do an Internet search to find out about their competitors and what they do. In the same way, in the companies section of CompuTrabajo you can find out what they are looking for and the vision. Following the company where you are interested in working through social networks gives you an idea of ​​what is experienced from within by the content they publish.

According to the Millennial Branding Study, 43% of HR professionals believe that in order to select a candidate, they must fit in with the corporate culture. Therefore, it is essential to know the company and give reasons for why do you fit in her.

2. Valuation of employees and former employees

There is no better way to get to know a company than with opinions of people that have been inside. To do this, you can search for the company in the companies section in CompuTrabajo and look at the section on evaluations. There you will find all the comments of current or former employees about work environment, job opportunities, interviews and more. On the other hand, we have the ranking of the best companies to work for in Mexico.

3. Collaborators and key people

Searching for collaborators on LinkedIn can give you an idea of ​​what the company is looking for in its candidates. You can look at their training, additional courses, languages ​​and experiences. Doing this research helps you understand what profile do they select and company policy.

4. Work done and success stories

The company’s success stories tell you about its efforts and values. You can see what they are based on to be successful and what they are known for. This is another way to check if their way of working is in line with yours. Like the interviewers ask about your achievements, you should know those of the company and in case they do not appear, you could ask about the latest success in the job interview.

On the other hand, you have to find out the jobs they have done in recent months to be informed and to know what you can contribute to the company. It will be more striking to the recruiter that you respond with contributions that you have made previously that are according to the position and their needs, Also, if you know about their clients and products, you already have a step forward. A collaborator must know what is the company about to progress in their tasks.

5. Relevant news

There are interviews where they ask you what you have heard from us in recent months, therefore, it is crucial to read about recent company news and your sector. It is advisable to do an internet search with the name of the company to see what is new with them. Perhaps they have launched a new product that you were not aware of or are participating in some volunteering for the community. If you find something like that, you could do more research to be informed on the subject and contribute something about it.

6. The recruiter or interviewer

Your first point of contact with the company is the recruiter, so making a good impression is of the utmost importance. When you have the information from your interview, find the recruiter so you can meet him before you arrive. If you see something they have in common, use that theme as an icebreaker. Thus, you make a good impression, since you have come prepared and connect with him. When you go to the interview, remember to call him by his name to show confidence and commitment.

Before the interview, find out all the relevant information about the company. So you can show your interest in working in it and stand out from other candidates. Remember to search your social networks, website, blog, search engines and CompuTrabajo. The more information, the more prepared and the better interview you can do.

Once you have that ready, you have to practice for the interview. Read possible questions that may be asked in an interview and practice with friends or in front of the mirror. Here are some tips to help you succeed in the interview.


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