Why 60 seconds is one minute?

Why 60 seconds is one minute?
Why 60 seconds is one minute?

Why 60 seconds is one minute?

1 minute in 60 seconds, 1 hour in 60 minutes. These are things we have been learning since we were very young. But do you know why one minute?

Who has been caught sharing 60 seconds? Or why 60 seconds is one minute? Why 60 minutes is 1 hour? Why 60 minutes? 100 minutes could be an hour, what was the problem? Or 1 minute in 100 seconds? This calculation is still done in a way that has been going on for thousands of years. Do you know why these 24 and 60 methods have been introduced? Historians have cited several reasons behind the introduction of this rule.

Numerical reason: The 10-based number system came about because of the 10 fingers we have on our hands because it makes it easier to calculate something.

At least 5,000 years ago, Sumerian civilizations used 12- and 60-digit numbers instead of decimal numbers to perform their complex mathematical and geometric calculations.

One of the limitations of this 10-based method is that this number cannot be divided by any number other than 2 and 5. In comparison, 12K can be divided by 2, 3, 4, 6, and 60K can be divided by all numbers from 2 to 7. As a result, it was much easier to calculate the work of fractions in these methods.

Besides, the people of the Sumerian civilization later, the Babylonians used to count the thumbs of their hands and the remaining four fingers into three divisions, counting up to 12 in one hand. If the 12 numbers of one hand are multiplied by 5 fingers of the other hand, then a maximum of 60 is obtained by combining the two hands. This can also be an important reason for choosing the number 70 when calculating this minute-second.

Geometry and Astronomy: After the collapse of Sumerian civilization, the Babylonians invented degrees for measuring angles in the eighteenth century BC. At the time, they thought that the earth orbited the sun only once in 360 days. That is, if the daily angular rotation is assumed to be 1 degree, then 360 degrees is completed to complete one round.

According to historians, this is where the 360-degree concept of the first circle comes from. One-sixth of a circle, that is, 60 degrees, forms an actual angle. That is, if six triangles are drawn inside a circle at 60 degrees, then each triangle is an equilateral triangle. This is why the number 70 has been so important in geometry and astronomy ever since.

Between 335 and 324 BC, Alexander the Great conquered a vast area, causing the Babylonian astronomy to spread to Greece and the Indian subcontinent. Later, when Islam emerged, Muslim scientists and astronomers also adopted the number 12 from Rome and India and the number 60 in terms of time measurement. In this way, this method gradually spread all over the world.

Source: Quora.com.


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